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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Use Dell 1100 Toner Refill Kit to Lower Printing Costs

Ever tried refilling a toner cartridge with fresh toner powder? If you answered a yes to that query then surely, you are privy to the benefits of toner refill kits. On the other hand if it's a no, then sad to say you missed out on the opportunity to a financial bonanza, which could be substantial when measured in terms of annual office or household expenditures.

How? Let's assume that the laser printer being used is a Dell 1100. The printer unit loads with its primary consumable, the OEM cartridge that is rated 3000 pages at 5% coverage. To replace the OEM cartridge you will need to spend at least $90 while a compatible toner refill kit is available for only $15. So setting aside performance where both can deliver the same print quality and yield, then the Dell 1100 toner refill kit is a runaway choice.

Why is the Toner Refill Kit low-priced?
Take note that the toner refill kit was intended to replenish the toner supply of an OEM cartridge, in a do-it-yourself manner. Thus, instead of getting the entire cartridge unit - which can be real hefty due to its expensive housing and moving parts, the kit only comes supplied with a bottle of fresh toner powder - along with some devices necessary in the conduct of the refill such as a a funnel cap, toner wipes, a pair of latex gloves and an instructional material. Some cartridges do not come with a fill hole so that the user will have to bore a hole into the cartridge to access the toner hopper with the use of a refill tool.

No wonder toner refill kits are sold at drop down prices by around 50% the tag price of a retail cartridge on the average.

Can we refill the OEM cartridge forever?
Well, there is always a limit to everything. In the case of OEM toner cartridges, what is recommended is a maximum of 3 refills to thus extend the cartridge's life to 3 cycles of printing. Users can conduct further refills but print quality and yield quantity cannot be guaranteed to match OEM standards at that point. The problem lies heavily on the manufacture and design of toner cartridges. Cartridges are manufactured with several moving parts inside the cavities. And since light materials are used, then what can be expected in the everyday use of the laser printer is the gradual wear and tear of pertinent cartridge parts. On the average, print quality begins to deteriorate following the third refill though some cartridge brands can survive 5 to 6 refills.

Do manufacturers and resellers provide after-sales services? Legitimate manufacturers and resellers operate dependable after-sales services. Users can either contact them over the phone toll free or via email and be rest assured that a customer service assistant is available to accommodate after sales inquiries and troubleshooting concerns.

The next time your Dell laser printer runs out of toner, refill the cartridge with a Dell toner refill kit.

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